Connected business cards

What are connected business cards ?

Create real connections in a simple, touch-free way that is sustainable for you and the environment

27 million business cards are printed every day worldwide, and 88% of them are thrown away within a week.

The solution then presents itself: a connected, unique and durable business card. No more carrying your cards and brochures with you to each appointment.

Thanks to precise know-how and NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, it is now possible to encode a card to make it connected. This is the technology we have chosen for the U-CARD.

When you bring a phone close to a connected card, the card acts as a transmitter that allows information to be sent directly to the phone without contact. You can also choose to redirect the person who scans your card, to your UpMyCard profile page, to share more information with them, because we think you have more to share than can fit on a typical business card.

Changing your number? No need to throw away your old cards

The content of our connected cards (the U-CARD), can be modified at any time, thanks to your dashboard, which gives you permanent access to the content that your connected business card transmits: modify it with a simple click! Share your information, your brochures and your updated documents with whoever you want with a simple gesture and instantly.

Connected cards are compatible with all smartphones. Cell phones without NFC technology can scan the QR code on your card.