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UpMyCard, who are we ?

In a world where we understand the impact of our waste creation, and the importance we have to adopt more eco-responsible behaviors, we decided to remedy the ecological disaster created by the simple disposable business cards, by proposing a unique, connected, and respectful card for our planet : the U-Card.

Moreover, thanks to the U-Card (connected business card) and our other connected products, discover a new way to create links with your customers/prospects, arouse curiosity that will allow you to trigger a new connection and change the relationship with the people you meet.

The challenge of the digitalization of the company and a huge project for a large number of companies, today, thanks to UPMYCARD, The digitalization of the communication of a company is a real child's play and brings real added value.

Your identity is what sets you apart, UPMYCARD's U-Card allows you to convey and adapt a more complete image of who you are to each situation.

And we won't lie to ourselves, you too have sometimes run out of cards... With the U-Card, it won't happen again.

Our history

  • 2015

    27 million business cards are printed every day, and 88% of them are thrown away within a week. Finding a solution is becoming urgent, the idea is starting to germinate but the technology is not sufficient to provide a concrete solution.

  • 2020

    Technologies are evolving. Research and testing to produce a business card with optimal functionality begins to pay off : The first U-Card is born...

  • 2021

    The UMC team is gradually being formed, and after a year of research and development to create the perfect card, the U-Card finally comes out of the shadows and revolutionizes the business card...

The business card 2.0